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The founder

Stranded on a beautiful Northern beach in Peru in January of 2008 due to a massive strike of all public transportation, travelers from around the world were forced to enjoy paradise a bit longer than planned. It was during these days, in one of many restaurants along the beach, that the founding couple met for the first time. Let's call it destiny! They surrendered to this Pacific destiny and the rest, is history. 

Since then, they share their dreams and adventures, their lives, together As part of their shared ethical and professional vision, the spouses allow coffee farmers to secure their existence through nature-conscious cultivation and fair trade prices, by supporting them as ever-growing clients, friends and collaborators.


Inequality in terms of development opportunities for the people of this world was not overlooked, due to the strong contrast between my first formative years in the communist country where I was born, and the rest of my years to date in a democratic Germany. Then later as I traveled through many different countries in South America, it was clear that life for some could be far more unjust than I had previously deducted. I saw that in many of these regions of the world, those in need have very few to none social support and perspectives for development. 

Just as my compassion for the disadvantaged was strong, so  was my awareness of our natural environment, the biology of the planet. Contact with nature has always given me an intense sense of inner peace. But nature is far more than a personal on-the-spot-peace-producer, it is the foundation of all our doing , whether through agriculture and food supply, sourcing our resources, or through economic activities. It is our global foundation.

Therefore, the preservation of this nature is not important to me solely due to personal reasons and attachments. It is a societal foundation for all our activities, making it of tremendous importance to use nature only sustainably so that the next generations can equally benefit from it. 

We ask ourselves again and again about the meaning in our actions and how we could make more sense in the social and environmental areas. To this end, we have set up a space for action with the Siddhartha Foundation, in which we make a contribution towards this - together with all those who want to get involved in the same goodness with us. The less-advantaged will be able to receive help with the Siddhartha Foundation, which supports projects in their regions that improve their social situation and preserve the natural environment. Hope you join us!



Christoph Pietz

The idea with which it started

As part of their family and professional travels, the couple learned when visiting coffee plantations that many coffee farmers out of infrastructure still have no access to electrical energy. With the aim to change this circumstance by appropriate sustainable solutions, e.g. Using solar power, the idea was born to enable families to use light, electrical media and devices. This will create new access to education and development. Because light enables reading and writing even in the dark, when the work is done on the fields, and the use of media provides unrestricted knowledge. In addition, electrification should make a fundamental contribution to the economic development prospects of the families and the region in which they live.

The initiative

The fact that coffee farmers live partly without access to electricity, education and development prospects and that many cannot live on the low income from coffee cultivation alone, was the fruit of the initiative for Siddhartha Foundation. The challenges mentioned above as well as other tasks, are to be managed and mastered on the basis of development projects in coffee-growing regions. In this way, we help those in need and contribute to secure their social living conditions and the preservation of natural habitats.

The foundation design

 The Siddhartha Foundation is administered as a sub-foundation in the form of an endowment in the dependent foundation "Stiftergemeinschaft der Sparkasse Neunkirchen" by DT Deutsche Stiftungstreuhand AG, Fürth, in trust.

Note: This is only a non-binding information document. For the Foundation, only the information provided in the brochure on the "Stiftergemeinschaft der Sparkasse Neunkirchen - legal, tax and contractual basis" is authoritative.

  The Foundation was recognized as a tax-privileged body in the sense of § 5 Abs. 1 No. 9 of the corporation tax law by decision of the tax office Fürth of 28.10.2015. The foundation supports u.a. charitable and benevolent purposes. The donation is not a membership fee.

If you would also like to become a founder of the Siddhartha Foundation, please contact the foundation experts of Sparkasse Neunkirchen.


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